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Welcome to En'nayr Consulting!

Hey everyone! My name is Olivia Wright and I am the proud owner of En'nayr Consulting! I started this organization as a way to help business owners of small to mid-sized businesses get their footing in an often over-saturated industry. The name of my company was inspired by my 14 year old daughter, Ryanne. Ryanne has had the spirit of a true entrepreneur since she was five years old when decided she wanted money for ice cream. I employed her to try to earn her money doing chores around the house, but instead, she decided to hold a bake sale at the end of our walkway, in the middle of winter. I helped her bake cupcakes and brownies and she SOLD COMPLETELY OUT! Not only did she walk away with a cool $22.75, she walked away knowing that she could hustle her way to what she wanted through hard work! She has been an inspiration to me sine, and she is the reason behind the name En'nayr (Ryanne, spelled backwards).

Hiring a consultant for your business can always be a beneficial move to make when you are looking for a change. Sometimes, cash flow may seem to have slowed to a snails pace and the phone has stopped ringing with potential clients and leads. This can be due in part to the structure of your business and where individual resources are being utilized. Services like our strategic planning sessions can help to identify where efforts may need to be re-directed.

Funding for a new or existing organization may also be an area where outside help is needed. En'nayr Consulting can help with finding the funds that you may not know exist. Our grant writing efforts are unmatched! We have sources to focus in on finding appropriate grant funding for your organization. Looking to seek investor funding? We will prepare a business plan that will assist you in getting all of the funding that you may need!

We are excited to help your business however, we may be needed. With my many years of business administration experience and fifteen years of accounting experience, you are in competent hands with En'nayr Consulting.

As we ourselves grow, look for more service offerings to be added to the site. We look forward to working with you. Remember: SOLVE. BUILD. GROW.

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