Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions?  We have answers!

How do you customize your services for companies that employ your to help them?

A comprehensive review of current business operations is conducted along with a SWOT analysis of comparable organizations within the industry.  There is also a planning strategy session with company leaders and employees to discuss the current state of the company and the vision for the company moving forward.

My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

En'nayr Consulting will look at current economic trends in your marketplace, coupled with technological advances that have taken place over the prior 180 days to ensure that your company is up to date with operational elements.  Services such as IT and financial planning may be contracted out when necessary.

How do I know that En'nayr Consulting is the right consulting agency for me?

We are committed to providing change where necessary for every client that we encounter.  Our slogan, SOLVE.BUILD.GROW., highlights what we are about and what our ultimate end-goal is to you, our customers.  By researching funding opportunities using grant writing or assisting with creating new business plans, En'nayr Consulting is here to ensure that your company excels higher than before.